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About us

About Us

Situated in Montreal, an English and French –speaking city with a long history , Jade College, founded to be where it is possible to have professional language and vocational training, has been trying her best to serve international students and immigrants in a wide range, and a high prestige derives.

Our Teachers

There are academically qualified and senior faculty members in Jade College. All the teachers for language courses consist of Chinese who have not only pursued further study in France for many years but also are experienced in language teaching, and native French speakers teaching French for quite a long time. As for the teachers for professional training courses, they are accredited and rich in teaching experience and methods. With particular regard to the idea of satisfying students’ need, Jade College always values adapting curriculum to students’ learning objective, adopting scientific, flexible and interactive teaching methods, and creating learning atmosphere with pleasure involved.

Our Location

Additionally, Jade College, at the city center of Montreal, is quite near from Concordia University, College Lasalle and McGill University. It is conveniently located from metro station Guy-Concordia (just 3 –minute walk).

It is by professional teaching groups, scientific teaching methods, and agreeable location that Jade College is favored by the people of all social circles and sets up platform of both language learning and professional training for them.

Culture of Jade College

Jade College’s duty: language and cultue transmission, talent cultivation
Jade College’s goal: to be the most recommended training college.
Jade College’s purpose: professional language and vocational training Jade College’s principle: improvement with determination
Jade College’s belief: cooperation, trust, origination, vitality


Problem Resolution Policy

Phase 1: Students need to try to resolve the issues themselves, if not, they go to phase 2;

Phase 2: Contact the director of stuies in College Jade via email and schedule a meeting to discuss the details of the issue, students need to tell the director of studies all of the details and wait for a solution from the director of the studies. If students are still not satisfied with the solution, they go to phase 3;

Phase 3: Students have the rights to contact the board of directors of College Jade via email and set up a meeting and then wait for the decision or recommendation from school. If the students are still not satisfied, they can always go to Language Canada for the final decision.

* The students also know that Languages Canada can be contacted if they have an issue with the School.