Atlas Language School

Vocational Training

  • Computing Support

    Step into the business world and enroll in a business program at one of our LBPSB centres. Administrative Assistants and Accounting Clerks Learn how to use the latest software on the market and to hone their management skills.

  • Interior Decorating & Display

    Today’s Residential and Commercial Drafter has a background in construction techniques. This program will provide the student with the background, knowledge and skills required to begin a career in architectural drafting.

  • Electrotechnology

    Electricity and Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment prepares you to practice a trade that is always evolving.

  • Food Services And Tourism

    At Pearson School of Culinary Arts, students can learn to work in a variety of positions in the food industry. Our Professional Cooking program has a strong reputation in Montreal and our graduates work in every kind of kitchen in the city, including in top restaurants.

  • Health Services

    Modern health care is undergoing major changes in the way services are delivered. Technological advances are making it possible for some services to be delivered more efficiently.

  • Automobile Mechanics

    Automotive Service Technicians and Mechanics use high tech skills to inspect, maintain and repair automobiles and light trucks.

  • Residential & Commercial Drafting

    Today’s Residential and Commercial drafter has a background in construction techniques. This program will provide the student with the background, knowledge and skills required to...




Residential and Commercial Drafting

Applying various drafting techniques, you can learn computer-assisted drafting software. To estimate quantities of materials...


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Computing Support

To install the hardware and software of a workstation. To manage the network access. To install shared resources...

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Accounting Studies

To carry out tasks related to recording accounting information, bookkeeping and commercial transactions, either manually or using a computer...

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Food and Beverage Services

To give students the technical and technological knowledge and skills in communication, problem solving, decision making, ethics, health and safety...

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Market-Fresh Cuisine

To make charcuteries and original dishes based on regional and imported products. To recognize and use food products grown or developed in Quebec...

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Pastry Making

To make a variety of pastry doughs, creams, pies, sauces, pastries, petit fours, cookies, cakes for special occasions, ice creams and chocolates....

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Professional Cooking

To apply professional cooking techniques. To prepare basic food items such as fruits, vegetables, poultry, game, fish and seafood....

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Retail Butchery

To cut carcasses, quarters and meat parts; to perform retail cuts and prepare meats, including specialty and complementary products....

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Bread Making

To make a variety of breads; white bread, specialty doughs, and viennoiserie pastry doughs. To follow hygiene and sanitation rules....

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Wine Tasting

Sommeliers perform a variety of tasks such as recommending wines and pairing wine and food. Sommelier in hotels, restaurants, wine bars and private clubs...

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To maintain ignition, fuel supply injection, transmission, brake and engine systems to perform routine mechanical repairs on a vehicle....

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Interior Deco

Rating to conceptualize and carry out simple interior-decorating and display projects. To plan work, manage files and research information....

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Assistance Nursing

Develop the knowledge and flexibility to understand and apply the techniques of health assistance and nursing care...

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Pharmacist Assistance

To master the terminology used in the pharmaceutical field; under the supervision of a pharmacist, to fill prescriptions and perform certain diagnostic tests....

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Munications equipment to assemble, link up, repair, check on and align different types of mobile and ground communication systems as well as auxiliary devices and accessories....

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